These online DNA analysis tools were developed by Jie Zheng, Dept. of Biology as part of a bioinformatics course (BCHM/CISC-875) at Queen's University, 2004.

DNA Base Composition Analysis Tool

This analysis program can analysis a DNA sequence in three different ways. It computes the percentage of one or two selectable nucleotide(s), the normal skew of two selectable nucleotides, and the cumulative skew of two selectable nucleotides for a given sequence. The result can be displayed in both graphic and value data format.

If you want to run this tool, please go to DNA base composition analysis tool now.

If you want to know more detail about this tool, you can check the help file first.

Create a Matrix File

This program can take sequence alignment as input and create a matrix file, which can be used in binding site analysis.

If you want to run this program, please go to Create Matrix File.